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          With years of experience in urban development, R&F now focuses on
          expanding the new model of commercial real estate, combining urban
          demand with new constructions to develop a diversified business operation model
          that serves the need of the new retail era.
          R&F has also coordinated and managed its commercial properties.

          Super-Grade A office buildings,
          a new paradigm for
          urban business

          R&F has built 48 super-Grade A office buildings in China – a total of 5.4 million square metres gross floor area. Offering world-class quality, design and operational services, many of the locations have become home to Fortune 500 companies.

          Large mixed-use complexes –
          cities within cities

          Business, retail, leisure, living and culture come together seamlessly in the 26 mixed-use complexes built by R&F. Each development integrates a mix of office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and residential spaces into a local landmark with a total gross floor area of over 10 million square metres, bringing new living and business opportunities to the heart of the city.