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          In terms of the “bay” coastal leisure resort that depends on the natural and humanistic resources,
          the full-age “valley” series healthcare resort rooted in the Chinese regimen culture and the sports town
          that features “sports+education+culture+residence”, the recreational
          and sports model of R&F has obtained outstanding achievements nationwide.


                 Cultural tourism system    


                 22 flagship projects of over 1 million square meters
                 healthy ecosystem, full-ranged supporting facilities
                 foster a more dynamic and high quality lifestyle    


                 20 tourism and well-being residence projects
                 equipped with community hospital, cafeteria, agriculture market, self-cultivated farms,
                 sport stadium, activity square, elderly university    


          Five major

          The tourism and resort products of R&F act according to the circumstances. It is equipped with five centers, including culture and entertainment, sports, business, healthcare and diet.

          Hainan Ocean Paradise is a world-class marine theme park created by R&F and its accomplished international team.

          Located on Hainan Island, the park includes facilities like a marine animal conservation centre as well as several more entertainment-aligned features including a polar animal exhibition hall and an interactive marine animal performance pavilion. The park also offers functions such as yacht clubs, hotels, commercial shopping ports, beach clubs and public service facilities.