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          SINCE 1994
          • Pioneer in reconstruction of old factories

            By the end of 2001, 10 renovation projects had been completed in Guangzhou

            With a total gross floor area of over 2,500,000 square meters

            Heading north for business expansion

            In 2002,  won the then biggest open bidding land in China at RMB3.2 billion – now Beijing R&F City

            Listed in Hong Kong, opening a new chapter

            Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005

            R&F created a new model in real estate development

            Setting the trend in commercial property development

            R&F entered into commercial property by seizing on development opportunities in city CBDs

            Its diversified business and trade model is unique

          • Cultivating the domestic market, with global perspective

            In response to the "going out" strategy to expand overseas

            And become a multinational real estate development company

            Consolidating ​the exposure in hotel development

            In 2017, R&F acquired over 70 hotels from Wanda Commercial

            Becoming the world's leading owner of luxury hotels

            Business diversification, keeping finger on the pulse of society

            Entering the innovative "Internet+" industry and trade, healthcare, science and technology, culture and sports and tourism and other businesses

            Striving for the better living of people